Technology Solutions

Our goal is to co-create innovative technological solutions to maximize profits, implement controls, simplify processes and provide an overall better experience for our client’s staff members and other stakeholders.

Zehirut supports all aspects of security from equipping our clients with infrastructure and specialized software solutions to the design and implementation of access control systems and surveillance systems tailored to each organization’s needs.
Our solutions will support strategic decision making, and optimize operational readiness.

Some of our products include:

Digital HR Assessments

We provide digital skills, personality, trustworthiness, and integrity tests to enable our customers with effective management strategies for recruitment and vetting processes.

digital HR assessments
data protection platform

Data Protection platform

Platform that enables our customers to track data via digital fingerprinting, monitor workspace activity in real-time, and access critical files without compromising security

Security Systems

Robust and scalable technological solutions to protect a wide range of physical infrastructures, assets, and organizations.

security systems zehirut
Video Analytics Software zehirut

Video Analytics Software

Software that allows organizations to analyze, organize, and gain valuable insight from their surveillance systems. Some of the features include people counting, crowd detection, and pedestrian classification among others.

Tracking and monitoring technology

We provide customers with a real-time tracking and incident response for any static or mobile asset deployed globally.

tracking and monitoring technology zehirut