Project Management & Logistic Support Services

Zehirut is committed to working with organizations and government agencies to implement innovative projects.

With over twenty years of experience, our management systems approach allows us to document, measure, define outcomes, and apply both recent innovations and proven best practices.

With operations across South America and the Caribbean, Zehirut delivers active, scalable, and cost-effective management and logistics support solutions across the region.

Our capabilities include some of the following activities:

zehirut regional

Regional and local analysis

zehirut strategy analisis

Strategic Analysis and Executive Reports

zehirut project design


zehirut work planning

Work Planning


zehirut travel

Travel Management
& Logistics.

zehirut procurement


zehirut subcontracting management

Subcontracting management

zehirut staffing


zehirut supply chain management

Supply chain management

· Maintenance and repair.
· International legal compliance.

zehirut repair

and repair