Risk Management & Crisis

We believe that in this time of evolving security challenges, our clients’ success relies on their capabilities to manage its risks, respond to crises and have reliable personnel. Our experience, gained in over twenty years of operating in complex environments, gives us the perfect insight to help our customers mitigate and foresee potential risks with greater certainty.

Risk and Security Solutions

Prevention is the cornerstone of a good security system. With our extensive multisectoral experience, we can be our clients’ greatest ally in identifying risks and vulnerabilities, and in establishing corrective measures on time.

Crisis and Management, Communications Response

At Zehirut International we want to help our clients recognize the opportunity during a crisis and guide them to circumvent it in the best possible way.

Insight and Analysis

Our clients can usually find the best opportunities for their businesses in high-risk environments. The success of their operations depends on the real, comprehensive, and sufficient information obtained regarding the risks and threats that could be faced. With our outstanding experience, we can work to ensure that their organizations have in place the best structures and information when it comes to tracking criminal trends.

Investigation Services

The reliability of personnel is the backbone of every organization’s security. With more than twenty years of experience, we can help restore the security system of our clients’ businesses by creating the necessary filters. Our excellent investigative team has helped costumers investigate fraud, potential money laundering, theft and more notably, the reliability of its personnel.
Risk Management | Zehirut