Every business should have its security measures tailored to their specific risks and threats. With over twenty years of experience, we design and deliver a wide range of solutions that are a perfect fit for our client’s needs. We aim to provide reliable, efficient and innovative industry-leading services, bringing together the best team available to our customers.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve both in scope and sophistication, which has led many companies to work continuously to secure their most valuable information. Keeping these constant challenges in mind, Zehirut International has designed a series of services aimed at preventing, detecting and correcting incidents that jeopardize information. Businesses, governments, and citizens face an increased risk of being attacked; therefore, information security requires strategic and integral solutions.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our SOC is the engine of the operation. It allows our clients to maintain real-time control of their security missions, facilitate decision making and respond in time to any incident.

Executive Protection

  • Provision of Armored or Soft-skin Vehicles
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Counter-surveillance Teams
  • Personal Close Protection
  • Security Management


  • Access Control & Entry Check Points
  • Security Guard on Site/ Mobile
  • Large Scale Events Protection
  • Emergency Action Plans

Port Security

  • In House Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
  • Simulated Penetration Testing Of Facilities
  • Protective Security & Security Management For Port Facility
  • ISPS Compliance Reviews & Remediation Programs

Security Assessment and Planning

The security program of an organization is essential to support its value chain. Therefore, it is essential to plan, define objectives, measure indicators, and supervise and control security operations for optimal security.
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