Consultants for Private and Government entities

Our Group

Zehirut Group is a minority-owned corporate group formed by five companies in Latin America and the United States: Zehirut Ltda, Zehirut International, Zirescol, South Trade Global Dominicana and Sheltron. With more than twenty years of consultancy experience, Zehirut Group works with Government Agencies and Private companies to provide the best solutions for the management and security of their operations. The Group’s presence in complex environments has allowed them to create innovative, efficient, and effective solutions for any organization wanting to operate in a changing security dynamic.

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Our Experience

Our deep understanding of the region allows offering a variety of high-quality services that are tailored to fit the necessities of organizations in the different socio and geopolitical political contexts.


Our regional experts work hand in hand with our clients to mitigate their risks and threats.


Risk Management

Our team offers a wide range of solutions to protect the infrastructures and businesses of our clients in different geographical locations.


Security Assessment
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We assist our clients in implementing their innovative projects in the Region.


Project Management
& Logistic Support Services

We timely provide the data our clients need to help them make smart programming decisions.


Monitoring and

We offer solutions to assist organizations in protecting rural and urban areas from natural disasters and emergencies.


Disaster Relief and Prevention

Our goal is to co-create innovative technological solutions to maximize profits, implement controls, simplify processes for our clients.


Technological Solutions

We help our clients face the rising obstacles of the public health crisis so that they can safely continue with their operations.