Training Programs and Courses

Zehirut International offers courses and training on the best practices and security techniques currently available. Our instructors are skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds. Their experience covers all levels of law enforcement, from former FBI agents, ATF officers, and police, to sheriffs, highway patrols, and State Troopers, in addition to the experience of various international organizations.

Zehirut conducts specific classes of law enforcement for police departments. Our instructors also teach life-saving skills for individuals whose safety of others as well as themselves, relies upon.

Current training expertise includes:

SWAT Instruction, Assessments; Conduction / Evaluating County Level SWAT Courses:

  • Explosive handling and detection procedures
  • Advance hostage rescue SWAT
  • Advanced Undercover Techniques
  • CMS Fire Arms – Special Weapons & Tactics

Urban Breaching and Entry Techniques:

  • Military Operations On Urban Terrain (MOUT)
  • Close Quarter Combat; SRT/SWAT Tactical Training
  • Tactical Entry & Structure Clearance Techniques

Crime Prevention Training Programs:

  • Crisis Management and Negotiation Techniques
  • Criminal Intelligence Gathering Courses
  • Crisis Management and Negotiation Techniques

Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics and Martial Arts:

  • Basic & Advanced Defense Driving
  • Counter-terrorism / Counter-insurgency / Riot Control
  • Street Self Defense & Survival Courses
  • Arrest & Control Techniques
  • Pressure Point Training (PPCT & CATS)
  • Controlled Force Defensive Tactics
  • Certified Street Training Instruction (STI/FTO)
  • Certified Teaser Instruction

Human Rights Course Program:

  • Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) Training For PSC
  • Human Rights and IHL Awareness Courses For Military Forces
  • Assistance With The Creation Of Institutional Controls

Other Training and Courses:

  • High-threat Executive Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Low light Engagement Instruction
  • MP5 Operator training
  • Firearms & Marksmanship
  • Basic & Advanced Driver
  • High-threat Protection
  • Explosive Detection

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