Richard Quiles

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Quiles is Chief Operating Officer of Zehirut International, where he has made business development his top priority and a vigorous focus on strategic campaigns to capture large and complex projects. He implemented a three-part growth strategy: win new business, drive and operational excellence.

A proven industry leader, Richard has extensive experience leading at the operational and enterprise levels of commercial and Department of Defense organizational structures. He served in positions as Senior Vice President for Business Development, Director of Operations, Executive Advisor and Program Management. He is highly adept at building and leading cross-functional teams of various sizes and is able to perform successfully in fast-paced complex environments and high-stress situations. Richard is an exceptionally talented communicator with unmatched people skills, seeking to leverage his professional background in a senior role with an organization that values loyalty, teamwork, commitment, and a proven record of success.

Richard Quiles | Zehirut