Fernando Tapias Diaz

Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Tapias is the founder and CEO of Zehirut Group. An entrepreneur from an early age, Fernando started Zehirut’ security solutions in 1997 with the desire of helping corporations grow during a dangerous time in Colombia.
An expert in organized transnational crime and defense, Fernando has provided for over two decades security consulting and training services to a broad array of industries such as tourism and textile industries, governments and prominent individuals.

Fernando holds a master’s degree in security and defense from the University of Nebrija in Spain and a diploma in Management from the University of Los Andes. Furthermore, he is a certified specialist in organized transnational crime and defense management from the National Defense University and is certified as International Auditor of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC). Also, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum engineering from the University of America in Colombia.

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Fernando Tapias Diaz | Zehirut