Consulting Services

Is a service oriented to advise companies and governments to develop a risk management strategy that will help them to mitigate their vulnerabilities and create new security solutions. Our security programs are custom made according to the specific conditions and needs of each client. We design a comprehensive security management system that provides a diagnostic of all the processes within an organization in order to determine the threats and vulnerabilities that may affect them. Consequently, we present a corrective action plan with specific objectives, specific tasks and deadlines for compliance; likewise we establish control panels that would let you monitor the progress of the system at any time. Zehirut encourages a safety culture that helps protect the security of all the company’s assets, and improve the management of human resources.

The concept of security as an expense is replaced by the concept of security as an investment that optimizes resources, valorizes ​​assets and lowers the risks in all processes. Our comprehensive security-consulting program may include a package of services such as:

  • Security Studies and Risk Analysis
  • Design and creation of a security program
  • Crisis Management
  • Contingency Plans
  • Organization and training of security structure
  • Vetting Process
  • Investigations
  • Audits of various processes
  • Result oriented management system, and incorporation of security measures in all processes
  • Development of plans, manuals and protocols on security issues
  • Assessment of current security treats at an enterprise, national or international level