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20 years helping our clients achieve success in all their projects
20 Years
Zehirut Group
Zehirut Group has over 20 years of experience providing security consulting services to governments and companies in Latin America.
Experience Counts
Zehirut Group
We help our clients anticipate threats, reduce vulnerabilities and design a risk management system.
Comprehensive Security
Zehirut Group
We have the knowledge and experience to address the security threats specific to this region
Security Leader in
Latin America
Zehirut Group
We will change the way you think about security

Over 20 Years Of Security Experience

Our business group has experience providing security and consulting services to governments and corporations.

Our services are designed to help you understand your threats and develop mitigation strategies.


Our security consulting services allow you to feel more confident about the actions you can take to protect your organization.

Security Studies & Audits

Based on international security standards, we help our clients anticipate threats, identify risks and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Executive Protection

Security with Comfort: We have protected clients in many cities while offering the level of comfort they need to work or travel safely.


Trusted, but always verify: Zehirut has developed extraordinary skills and strategies in asset recovery.

Polygraph Testing

Fact-finding and Critical Analysis: The main tools that will help you to take the best decisions for your business.

Security Systems

We work closely with our clients ensuring that the installation and system integration are done effectively.

Our Inspiration

Fernando Tapias Stahelin served as Colombian Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff for the Military Forces and Deputy Minister of Defense in Colombia. He was our President from 2011-2015.

Our Business

Our company is specialized in the consultancy on issues of security and defense. Our services are designed for corporations, institutions and governments that are concerned about protecting their stability.

Risk Management System

Our extensive experience in both private security and government has enabled us to develop our own proper system of risk management PDNR®

Prevent, Detect, Neutralize, Refine

Through this system we manage risks in a sustainable cycle that increases safety and security while maintaining the strategic direction of our clients.

Seguridad Profesional; Consultoría de Gestión de Crisis | Professional Security; Crisis Management Consulting

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